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[Taiwan] Chiayi Mountain Stay - Legend Minsu (瑞里麗景)

Had an absolute healing time at one of the bed & breakfast for Mountain Stay located in Chia Yi at Mountain Mei next to Mountain Ali. The view in the morning is way too beautiful, I literally didn't want to leave the place and envied owner for living here in total peace.

Mountain Stay Summary:-

  • Reason for Recommending: Great view / Breakfast & Fireflies Driving Service / reasonable price

  • Price: TWD 2800 (USD 90) a night for quadroom (2 queen size bed)

  • Location: 603, Taiwan, Chiayi County, Meishan Township, 瑞里村105之2號

  • Location in Chinese: 嘉義縣梅山鄉瑞里村2鄰105號之2

  • Downside: Need to bring own towel and require driver to get there and to come out.

How we started our mountain stay

We planned to visit Mt.Ali and do Taiwan Mountain stay where there is nothing around but beautiful scenaries and fireflies to really experience the true nature of Taiwan.

After visiting Mt.Ali we dropped by Fen Qi Hu Station to try famous Mine Worker Lunch Box as early dinner and did some grocery(?) / snack shopping at next door 7-eleven before heading down Mt.Ali and get to our Bed&Breakfast (Minsu).

Heading to the Legend Minsu

From the Fen Qi Hu Station, it was easily 2 hours ride just to get to the Minsu. Journey to the Minsu were so amazing.  Watching Mountain sunset while driving down and passing through clouds with cold air.

On the way, after sun has gone down completely, we saw something more beautiful and kept on shouting wowwwww. Fireflies everywhere! We could easily see hundreds of them. Hiding in the bush on the left and right side. This all started eversince road got narrowed and heading more and more deep inside the Mt.Mei. Getting really excited for the mountain stay experience, away from the city and get closer to nature.

We finally reached our Minsu and we were the only guest staying this very night! It was only 7pm+ and we threw our luggages to the room and wear out wear and head out straight to see Fireflies in the woods! Minsu owner drove us with their big van that is easily 9seaters.

Heading out to see Fireflies at Mountain Mei

Drove about 10minutes or so where there is no single light except car's front light, we have reached the end of the road. Minsu owner parked the car and handed us small torch lightes and gave some advices.

We slowly walked in to the muddy & rough road where it had car wheel mark on the floor but this place was completly dark. Even before we walked in to this mini trail road with slight uphill, we saw few fireflies and tried to catch them!

As we walked in the gentle upslope trail, we were greeted by hundreds of fireflies that blinks light so beautifully in the quite ambience. Took videos of the scene and although this doesn't capture the entire area with all fireflies, you get to see they were flying actively at everywhere.

After about half an hour of fireflies time, we headed back to Minsu and opened up our snacks and food to have some cozy supper time. We were the only guests and had the entire open lobby(?) area with nice background music Minsu owner played it for us.

Morning at Legend Minsu

Next morning, my eyes got opened at 6am and I did not hesitated but to wake up! Why? to fly my drone! I had no idea how beautiful this place was till then. Check out this 1 minute video. Video explains million words :)

After playing with my drone, now it's the breakfast time. It was something simple yet tasted too wonderful. I bet this place is one of the best place to do mountain stay in Taiwan! Probably because of the view that you are looking, air that you breath and the amazing taste of Taichung's cabbage!

This is your breakfast view.

Also, the Minsu owner has celebrity dogs! they were featured in Magazine and even have their own Facebook page. Owner rescued one female stray dog and realised she was pregnant with 5 kids. But she decided to keep them all! They were all so friendly, handsome and pretty, couldn't believe that mother was once a stray dog.

If you are considering Mountain stay in Taiwan near Mt.Ali or Mt.Mei, definitely consider this place. Had an absolutely great stay here and would love to visit again to see those furry animals again!


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