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Singapore Airline Business Class with Infant Baby Review

I recently travelled alone with my 4 months old baby in 6 hours flights from Singapore to Seoul.

It was first time travelling with baby and did air ticket booking very late (2 days before departure). I was escaping from COVID-19 situation worsening in Singapore and packing baby items and preparing for this first time trip were crazy.

Two big luggages weren’t enough but I tried to fit everything there.

But the real challenging part wasn’t packing, it was to find information on airplane travelling with infant baby.

I’ve read many travel blog and watched Youtube vlog but no one was showing how it’s like to travel with baby. I guess if you are travelling alone surely you don’t have time to take picture or film anything!

There was very limited information online, i had to ask other experienced moms who travelled before.

After successfully completed 6 hours plane ride alone with my infant baby in Singapore Airline Business class, I decided to write this post to shae overall experience and tip on traveling with infant baby alone.

Will be covering from packing diaper bag , special assistant service request, bassinet in the plane and baby items request.

1. Diaper bag packing for 6 hours plane ride

This is the screenshot of my note on everything I carried on to the plane in my diaper bag

Most of them are self explanatory and I will explain few extra tips I received from experienced mom and my experience.

▶ Ear Pressure

Easing ear pressure part was where I was worried the most, imagining my baby will cry non stop during take off and landing.

Commonly known tips are, latching or feeding baby. If not there meal time then pacifier. They just need constant suckling so that ear pressure can be eased.

The question is, when do i start latching or feeding?

For take off, when airplane started to speed the runway, you can start feeding, that gives good 10-15minutes for baby to drink their milk and by end of the feeding time, they are up in the air with seatbelt sign off.

Other interesting tip i got from expat family was to use nose drop.

If your baby had runny nose before, you would have used nose drop called Iliadin.

Dropping this 1 time to each nostril before take off and landing would help to ease ear pressure.

I tried this method on both flights - one with and one without to compare.

My experience was that there was no difference, with or without my baby didn’t cry during take off and landing.

But it’s worth trying since every babies are different and you never know if this would help to your baby!

▶ Dry air in the airplane

Air in the airplane is known to be dry and infant babies don’t get to hydrate them self as easy as adult.

If you have portable mini humidifier that will be good too but depending on space confinement and you moving baby up and down from bassinet or seat, there’s a risk that water in the mini humidifier to fall and leak.

Very helpful tip i got from experienced mom was to use face towels as humidifier.

All you need to do is wet 2-3 face towels and hang it around the bassinet to work as humidifier.

From my 6 hours flight journey, i changed the towels just twice and it was enough to get the air slightly less dry.

2. Bassinet booking

For Singapore Airline economy or business class bassinet booking, you have to separately call their customer care hotline to request and book bassinet after you completed the booking by selecting the bassinet seat.

Little tip here is to request them and change the booking name with parent’s name + baby name together.

Thanks to kind customer care hotline officer, she helped to modify my name in the ticket for easy reference that i am travelling with infant baby.

For example, this is how my Singapore Airline ticket looked like.

This doesn’t affect issuing boarding pass and it still gets issued with my name and baby’s name separately in two different tickets but it helps for the record of the booking.

2. MAAS Service

Singapore airline has this service is called Meet and Assist Service (MAAS). I have to emphasise greatly how helpful this service was. Without this service i wouldn’t have done this entire travel alone with baby.

This is a must request service to any parents out there travelling with infant baby alone.

Basically, there is one person who is dedicated to you accompanying you from check in counter to boarding gate.

MAAS service is commonly requested for elderly, disabled people or underaged kid travelling alone.

The idea here is that you are getting extra hand and to assist you with every move you make in the airport and guide you safely till you board the plane.

This service is FREE

When you call Singapore Airline hotline to book bassinet, remember to book MAAS service too.

After checking in at the airport counter, check in staff will ask if i want to get help from here (check in counter) or at the boarding gate.

I strongly recommend asking get MAAS help starting from check in counter. From this point, whatever hand carry luggage’s or bag you have, the Airline staff companion will help to carry and you can only focus on taking care of baby in your carrier.

My heavy and bulky diaper bags and stroller was carried by the staff all the way till i reach the plane door.

3. Stroller

You have two options on what to do with your stroller in the airport.

Check in together with you other check in luggages or Carry all the way to the plane door and check in right before boarding the plane.

I highly recommend the later option to check in right before boarding the plane especially when you are travelling with infant baby.

Your waiting time in the airport can be long and if you wish to put your baby down when they fall asleep, stroller is perfect place to put them down.

After doing two flights alone with my infant baby, i prefer to carry my baby starting from check in till boarding the plane in the carrier but if you have twin babies or depending on your flight timing and if it’s your baby’s playtime, putting it on the stroller is perfect as they can be entertained by surroundings in the airport. Many things to look around for them.

4. Inflight baby items / toy

Singapore Airline have some baby items you can request during your flight.

These are the items i received. 2 diapers, one packet of wet tissue, 2 bibs, eye mask toy.

Singapore Airline provide baby meal as well, my baby was still drinking breastmilk so I didn’t get to see what is it like.

When you board the plane, crew staff will give the Singapore airline teddy bear. I received both girl teddy bear and not sure if there Is boy teddy bear!

On my flight back to Singapore, i received few more toys because baby was bored from looking around the plane.

These were lion king series toys meant for lot order age kids but better than nothing!

There was bracelet making toy too, i didn’t get to do it in the plane of course but when i got back home, i made it for fun and i think this is great toy to kill time and make something out of it! How fruitful toy is that.

Other than these toys, I also played with mirror in Airbus 350

But in the Boeing 777, mirror was far away, so I went to toilet to have full mirror time.

This was in fact great fun!

4. Feeding breastmilk or formula milk

I prepared both types of milk, breastmilk and formula milk. I already prepared my breastmilk in the feeding bootle (cold one out from fridge before leaving the house in the thermal bag) and asked crew staff to warm it.

It took quite some time to get warmed breastmilk, at least for about 20minutes and with my fear, It came back as hot breastmilk. It was so hot that smoke came out when I opened the feeding bottle and i had to ask again to cool it down in cold water.

There you go, all the good nutritions are gone!

I even highlighted to them not to use boiling water to soak the feeding bottle but seems to be that they have done that. Or maybe they were too busy? But not sure if business class can be that busy? Other seats were fairly empty.

During my 2nd flight alone with my baby, i was warming the formula milk instead and they have done it just right, it was lukewarm and i gave them same instruction not to use boiling water and to use water that is about to boil.

I wished if they could just give me hot water in the bowl and i can warm it by myself but they insist on helping me. I guess that’s because it’s dangerous to have hot or warm water in the seat.

So if you are bringing breastmilk, make sure to highlight to the crew staffs about overheating.

5. Help from Singapore Airline crew staff

From my online search in the mummy forum, i knew that i should not expect to receive much help from crew staffs in terms of taking care of baby.

I initially hoped that if crew staffs can look after my baby (just by looking at them) while i go to ladies. But i got mixed advices that they were not going to help me with that.

In my experience of both ways 6 hours plane ride journey for each, i also have mixed reviews but generally staffs were very helpful.

Crew staffs liked baby and they came up to me and my baby to greet and to play for a short while. One of the red uniform chief stewardess as the one who gave me with baby items and toys. Even navy uniform crew staff come to me to check on me if there is anything else i need.

During play time, i walked around with my baby in my carrier playing before putting baby to sleep, i walked around the pantry area where crew staffs were gathered around. They try to find something that can make it out of toy. Tried to check how bright outside is so that we can open the window for baby to see. They were great.

For my own toilet break, when my baby is asleep, i quickly used toilet and came back, since bassinet seats are very near to toilet. I didn’t ask crew staff to look after the baby.

6. Various Important tips

From my 6 hours journey both ways alone with infant baby, I realised some tips i have received were actually useless.

I have more practical tips to share to help mommy or daddy who is planning to have alone trip with baby.

① Bassinet

Depending on your plane type, you will have two different types of bassinet space in Singapore Airline business class.

Airbus 350 - Singapore Airline bassinet

Boeing 777 - Singapore Airline bassinet

After trying both plane type, i would highly recommend Boeing 777 which has in fact biggest space business class acrroding to the one of the crew staff who served me.

If you have choice to choose your flight between this two aircraft, go with Boeing 777 without hesitation.

More space means everything when you have baby. So with same price of ticket, take up more space! Airbus 350 bassinet was useless since it’s vertically placed and it is quite difficult to put your baby down in that direction. My wrist strength is not good too.

Only downside for Boeing 777 would be manual way of making the bed.

Airbus 350 has automated button you can convert normal seat to bed in just one button but for Boeing 777, you would need help from crew staff converting it to the bed as there is a handle you need to pull in order to open up the seat to a bed.

But this wasn’t a big deal since my flight was just 6 hours, i didn’t have to move back my bed till the end of the journey to prepare landing. But if you are having much longer journey, maybe putting up the bed and putting back could be little troublesome. But you have crew staffs who are always willing to help.

② Toy

If your diaper bag space allows, bring 1-2 your baby’s favourite toy. I brought one book and it really helped when i got tired of walking and still needed to play with my baby.

If you got nothing, have mirror time. Go to the toilet and you will get full body mirror. I also played with light turning on and off in the toilet.

③ Feeding

Not sure if this is only applicable to my baby but during the entire flight journey starting from leaving house to arriving after 6 hours flight, my baby only had 2 feeding. One in the air and one after arrival. That is 4.5 hours gap. It is unusual for my baby to have such a long gap between feeding.

I over prepared formula milk and hot water in the tumbler so my bag was very heavy. In my next flight, i can definitely prepare just 3 feeding maximum.

Also, i will highly recommend bringing liquid formula. This is indeed the best and most convenient for parents to prepare milk for baby during flights.

Some of you might have heard of this and some might find it new. Liquid formula is not common in Singapore but Aptamil has the same type of liquid formula.

Liquid formula meaning, the formula milk is already mixed and ready to feed baby once you open the bottle.

All i need was to bring disposable feeding bottle and pour out the liquid formula amount i want to give it to my baby. I asked crew staff to warm it up little bit and ready to feed baby!

How cool is this, i didn’t even have to bring warm/hot water to the plane. This really help to save so much weight from your diaper bag.

With that weight save, I rather put one more toy that i can use in the plane to play with my baby!

④ Diaper

I used more lasting diaper (Merries) hoping that it will last well and minimise from me changing it during the flight.

⑤ Sleeping with baby

Singapore airline bassinet was only useful when you are having your inflight meals. When sleeping, it's best to sleep together with baby after converting seat to bed.

Airbus 350 - Singapore airline business class seat conversion to bed

Boeing 777 - Singapore airline business class seat conversion to bed

⑥ Stroller vs Carrier

If you are thinking whether to use stroller or carrier for moving around airport and getting in to the plane, I would definitely recommend carrier.

With MAAS service, it is super convenient to carry baby in the carrier and I felt that this is the safest and easiest way to handle baby where you can sense baby's movement and hear when s/he cry and can take immediate action if needed.

Stroller would be more handy when baby is older (perhaps 18 months and above when baby can walk and run).

This is the end of the review and sharing!

Hope you find it informative and helpful for your upcoming trip with your baby or kid!

Any questions, feel free to leave a comment below :)


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