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5 famous Pre-Natal Massage Place Review 2019 (Singapore)

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

As a huge body massage fan, it was difficult to endure first 5 months of pregnancy without any massage - other than OSIM foot massage machine I have at home.

The 2nd week after entering into 5th month of my pregnancy, I tried five massage places. Only some places offered first trial promo.

  • Madam Partum - Tampines outlet

  • Nimble & Knead

  • Wellness Element

  • Babies Bellies

  • Beauty Mums & Babies

Skipping to conclusion, i would rank five places as:

Top 1: Beauty Mums & Babies

Joint Top 2: Nimble & Knead / Babies Bellies

Top 4: Element Wellness

Top 5: Madam Partum

1. Madam Partum - Tampines Outlet

<Summary> ★★☆☆☆

- Pros: Convenient Location (throughout islandwide - Chien Chi Tow), Various options of Masseur to choose from.

- Cons: Noisy non-stop chatting staffs, Poor quality massage equipment (Pillow, Bolsters and Towels).

- Price for 60 mins: S$83.45

- Whatsapp Contact for inquiry and reservation: +65 8166 0060

I liked my massage itself - my choice of masseur was Chinese lady (aka Aunty Min Ling). Loved her powerful hand strength and personalized massage where i can request specific area for her to focus on. She constantly checked with me whether it’s alright or enough.

However, getting a good massage doesn't just come with good masseur. It also comes with the quiet ambiance, comfortable bed, pillow, bolster and other setups.

Three Baby Bolsters on narrow single bed

Their facility was very poor - bed, blanket, pillow and bolster, everything is nothing to fit for pre-natal massage. Bolster was so small it didn't support pregnant belly and leg at all. It was bolster for baby not for adult. Pillow was so low that it gave me shoulder cramps.

Close up picture to baby bolsters

Thin and uncomfortable micro-fibre type towel

It doesn’t end here. Final point - Noise during the massage.

The one and only most important point for any kind of massage is to have absolute minimum noise. I am sure everyone want peaceful massage and to feel relaxed at the end of the massage.

The day and time I was getting massage on 22nd June Saturday afternoon at 4-5pm slot, There were three staffs (2 female and 1 male) in total gathered at the reception.

They were chit chatting non-stop throughout my 60mins massage. I waited first 10-15 mins to see if they will quiet down but they didn’t. I politely asked my masseur if she could help me inform staffs outside to lower their voice. Masseur also knew it was very noisy so she smiled and nodded. When she went out to inform them chatter immediately stopped and I was finally relieved.

2-3 minutes later, chatter and laughter began. I didn’t know what to say to this situation and I felt insulted as a only customer there. Wish I could have measured how loud staffs were with proper decibel calculator.

On top of that, noises from outside shop were not helping. Tampines branch is located right next to big 6 lanes road (Tampines Avenue 2) and loud motorbike and vehicle sound was there.

Definitely Not Recommending Madam Partum - Tampines Outlet Pre-Natal Massage

2. Nimble and Knead - Pre Natal Massage "Rock a Bye Mummy"

<Summary> ★★★★☆

- Pros: Convenient Central Location, Good relaxing and cozy ambiance with quiet music and ideal massage equipment.

- Cons: no home visit massage, higher price

- Price for 60 mins: S$84

- Website: http://www.nimbleknead.com/index.php/spa-menu

I have enjoyed every single bits of my massage at Nimble and Knead from the start till the end. Cozy and clean massage place with comfortable bed, pillow and bolsters made a huge difference to ordinary massage. Lying down sideways was easier than i thought and more comfortable than what i worried.

Reception at Nimble & Knead

Foot wash before starting massage - but not for pre natal massage

Bed set up with pre-natal massage

Comparing with Madam Partum - you can see clear difference here.

  1. Adult size bolster and special pillow that is not too high or low for preggy mummy to lie down facing up and in both side ways.

  2. There were two pillow, one for head the other for leg. Throughout the massage this foot pillow helped a lot. Elevating legs helped release tension on my calf and thigh and most importantly It was easier to move around my legs with comfort.

  3. Thick and proper towels covering full body and feeling comfortable

  4. Enough space for preggy mummy to lie down even with adult size bolster on top of the bed.

I had to admit, this is a one proper pre-natal massage set up. Massuer Salina was from Indonesia and she was very gentle yet had just enough strength to massage my aching and tired body.

Starting from foot, coming up to head at the end - flow of the massage was there and overall my whole body feeling light and rejuvenated. I tried to find cons at Nimble and Knead but really couldn't find one.

Adding in few more pictures of the room at Nimble & Knead.

Cozy room set up

Shower place available

Worth trying Nimble & Knead at least once if it's near to your home. But price is on the higher end and there is first time promo price.

3. Elements Wellness

<Summary> ★★★☆☆

- Pros: Central location in Orchard, all Masseur can do pre-natal massage, comfortable bed and clean room.

- Cons: Chinese masseurs so pressure was not strong (after trying two masserus so-called "best masseurs" recommended by store manager)

- Price for 60 mins: S$69 (U.P. S$181.90) with first time promo (Link here)

- Reservation @ ION branch - Call: 6738 3788 or WhatsApp 9614 7710

- Reservation @ Centrepoint branch - Call: 6737 8488 or WhatsApp 9357 8183

Very clean comfortable facility. Overall, massage was alright but it wasn't utmost best.

I tried here two times at ION branch manager's recommendation with two different masseur but the impression i got was that masseurs don't like to press hard. (This would be drastic difference between Chinese VS Malay Masseur)

Very cozy and clean room, with light classic music coming out from ceiling. But music was too soft that in my 2nd massage there, i could hear outside noise where ION was having an promotional event. But overall massage room ambience was great.

Instead of bolster, Elements Wellness used firmly rolled towels that was surprisingly very comfortable - somewhat better than ordinary bolster.

4. Babies Bellies

<Summary> ★★★★☆

- Pros: Central location in Novena, well known for pre and post pregnancy massage, very comfortable bed and clean room.

- Cons: Could be noisy with staff chatting outside at the entrance.

- Price for 60 mins: S$39 (U.P. S$181.90) with first time promo (Tip to sign up at babyfairs)

- Reservation: Call 6356 6623 to make appointment

Babies Bellies's massage is known for good and strong pressure with Malay masseurs and that was exactly what i was looking forward to receive. (Different from TCM based pre-natal massage which is lot weaker)

Facility was good, very comfortable bed (which was reclinable and my masseur reclined little bit for my week 34 tummy and it was V.E.R.Y comfy)

Babies & Bellies Prenatal massage bed

Head and side pillows were the utmost best out of all 5 places. Really awesome stuff, very comfortable and makes your body instantly ready to fall asleep! They also had music from ceiling but it was initially pretty loud Malay music with lots of high tone but after a while they changed to western classical music with lower volume. Service was excellent!

with $39 first trial promo, it's so worth it to try it and i have truly enjoyed the massage itself. Only downside was that i had a bad timing on payroll day that all outdoor based staffs were around outside the shop and their chattering sound was very noisy.

When i informed store manager, she was very apologetic and tried to cover my ears with extra towels but it was just a bad timing for me.

Overall, i had a fairly satisfying massage and would have signed up a package for at least 5-6 pre-natal massage package but I couldn't commit to anything as I was already approaching week 35 (maximum week you could get pre-natal massage).

5. Beauty Mums & Babies (BMB)

<Summary> ★★★★★

- Pros: Central location in Orchard (Paragon Mall), comfortable bed and clean room. Very quiet location in the building with no possible noise.

- Cons: Weekend slot is quite limited, need to book at least one week advanced for Saturday slot.

- Price for 60 mins: S$39 (U.P. S$181.90) with first time promo and 90 mins S$59

(Tip here is to sign up at babyfairs - don't make silly mistake like me buying from pre-orders of babyfair! - I bought online 90mins at S$149 in Supermom Pre-order in Aug 2019 but at the babyfair itself they were offering 1/3 price of it)

- Reservation: Call 6235 0688 to make appointment

Brochure taken from Aug 2019 Supermom BabyFair

My top pick after trying 5 pre-natal massage place is here Beauty Mums & Babies (BMB).

It has combination of everything i was looking for. Comfortable and clean facility and music, convenient location, great masseur. i couldn't hope for better. My final few weeks (week 34,35,36) i came here to get massage three weeks in a row.

On top of very comfortable bedding here, cool thing about their bed is that there is a heater under the bed where it keeps our body warm during our 60 mins or 90 mins massage. This worked out great for me as i felt little chilly whenever i am half way through the massage when your body is totally relaxed. (Getting pre-natal massage from other places also the same). With this heat, it keeps my body warm and comfy throughout the massage.

But if your body is already feeling warm and you find this rather hot, can ask masseur to turn it off. (I requested to off it on my final session in my week 37 as my body was feeling very warm compared to previous weeks)

The only pre-natal massage place which actually used the basin in the massage room.

BMB used white towel to wet it with hot water and wiped my foot before starting massage and at the end of the massage. Nimble and Knead also washed my feet but i had to sit down before lying down on bed. Here, they will wipe it when i am already on my bed. This was great and helped me to settle down quicker to the relaxing mind and body.

Also this can be minor point, BMB was the only massage place which gave out T panty. Usually other places giving out standard panty where masseur need to push upwards to reach to hip muscles and it could possibly disturb your deep sleep but with T panty, your hip is already exposed and you won't get disturbed by masseur trying to reveal.

Just to add few more pros of BMB, their room light can be completely turned off and this could be a plus to some light sleepers. Their background calming music was perfect too. Not too loud, not too soft.

Really, overall i cannot find any fault out of getting pre-natal massage at BMB for 3 times in 3 weeks in a row. Same first trial promo price as Babies Bellies, it's definitely worth trying out!

That's it for my honest review of five massage place, Happy Massage!


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